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Touch up kit Essentials for every Bride

When your hired Professional Makeup Artist does a brilliant job on your big day , still one efficacy need a touch up at some point of your long day of wedding day. Everything will be long wear and water resistant when you’ve hire the best Hair and Make up Artist in your city, but it is always a secure choice to keep aside few makeup fundamental to look fresh throughout the day even after happy tears and not to forget all the kissing that will take place

Compact or Blotting paper: Blotting paper is a protector for those who tend to sweat a every single second or have oily skin, it is very useful for touch ups whether you have been on the dance floor or directly after your Pheraas. You have to just neat it on your face wherever you see too much shine or sweat and it pleasant your face without destroy your make-up. While a Pressed powder compact is useful for gratifying as well to refresh your makeup and remove excess shine or sweat off your face. A pressed powder will also add some analysis to ensure your foundation stays in tact for longer. I leave it to you to choose your favorite one!

Eye Kohl: As the day goes, you will end up looking so tired. First signs are shown on your eyes redness, exhilarate them with a black kajal (eye kohl) on your waterline to lift the eyes instant and you feel good to go for another 5-6 hours. Kajal is an all time favorite of all Indian girls and makeup artists never forgot it to accentuate big and beautiful Indian eyes with tonnes of smudged black eye kohl. Of course make sure it is water resistant to not wear off with those happy tears 🙂 !

Blush: For a beautiful blushing Bride all day long, make sure your blush / bronzes never fades. A blush is responsible for a radiant looking skin and contribute to fade off first with all the kissing. Also remember to keep a blossom brush handy with it.

Lipstick: We all are aware of those adhesive and flaky long wear lipsticks that cosmetic brands sell claiming it will stay for all day , I insist to stick to your beloved lipsticks but in a matte finish. Always remember to outline your lips first before dressing up your lip shade , its quick and easy to touch up during your functions rather than having that uncomfortable fuzzy lips feeling all day long. You might want to add a gloss for some shine too !

Hydrating Spray: If your skin feels to dim and dry, one must keep a hydrating spray. Its magical and refreshes your skin instantly so you can look fresh again on your big day.

Ask your favorite Brides maid to keep this beauty bag safe and handy through the function , so you have nothing to worry about the bag and personal things. Keep glowing on your big day love from yashika makeovers 🙂

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