Summer Wedding Makeup tips

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Summer Wedding Makeup Tips

Step 1: Take a opaque, flat top brush and dip it into your foundation. Dot Dot this on your nose, the cheeks, around the borders of your face, and your chin. Use circular clockwise motions to fill in all over face, and then apply blush. Choosing the right blush is essential for summer makeup. Fair skin with balmy undertones look gorgeous with a peachy yellow shade. Fair skin tones with cool undertones naturally work best with cool pinks. Medium skin tones with yellow or olive undertones look so beautiful with brown shades. Dark skin tones with warm undertones surprisingly emit more with cool bright pink blush shades than with warm shades. Once you find your best shade, lightly brush it along the apples of your cheeks.

Step 2: For your eyes, use little light warm colors to prevent a mess in case the ceremony runs late and you are stuck in the sun. Brush a wine color across your lids and accent your crease with warm tones like light brown or pink. Line your bottom lashes with liner, staying close to the lash line, then smudge over it with a light color eye shadow. wipe on two coats of mascara, starting first with closed eyes so you get the first coat on the top back of the eye lashes.

Step 3: Finish your look with a refined bright lips. Remember to use a gloss so you can pack it in your clamp and avoid any melting hazards.


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