Makeup trends and techniques for 2019

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Makeup trends and techniques for 2019

We see an coming of edgy and complex looks while still being balanced with neutral and nude shades in makeup. It’s an interesting polarized trend and is probably here to stay. The conflicting combinations of the bold and beautiful to a naturally shining look has held the beauty industry this year.


The key trends are highlighted below

Eyes – The year remain with he fake or feathery lashes. It highlight the top lash line making the eyes look larger and full of life. soaring the eyeliner an inch towards the temples, Above the upper lash line adds some serious drama to the eyes and will trend through the year. Smoky eyes still continue the focal point but with a twist. Trying out colors be it jewel tones like blue, forest and indigo or copper glimmer or soft grey and muted bronze to get a softer look are trending. Adding on to this is some astonish and shimmer on the eyes. Glitter has made its way on the eye cover and will stay right there. Define your brows either by using a brow brush or use arrangement to get the desired thickness and shape.

Lips- Lip colours are fluctuate and there is a lip trend for everyone. Sandy pinks to glossy pinks, apricot to Candy apple reds, Soft metallic to silky mauve and Ombre lip colours. And of course the one that is making the waves is the bald nudes which is paired with gorgeous bold eye makeup. These are the run for the lips this year.

Cheeks– Contouring parsing out. A light bronze application on the cheeks is making crest. The other trend is a very light blush on the cheeks to the mosque in a natural shade.

Make up, technique and international trends influence in India

The liner will be going all over the place- Quite actually! The eyeliner will be applied in modern graphic blow. Expect straight lines to turn into acute angles. Return of the jewel-below the brow line and underneath edge of the lower lash line. The smoky eye authorize continue with infinite options. Angular lashes for both the upper and lower lashes. Colored brows could make a inroad into the beauty scene as well. As for the lips dark lip colors would command this year giving a different character to the face. Glossy, wet and gild lips will also be something to watch out for.


The makeup techniques for 2017 would creditably get quirkier with more emphasis on props for eyes and brows. Fusion and medley of colors on the lips will become popular with more than one color combine on them. For the airstrip models there would be a chance to go all out and experiment. However abiding classic makeup techniques would stay as is for times to come.

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