How To Make Your Eye Makeup Last Longer

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How To Make Your Eye Makeup Last Longer

So here we go!

These are few very easy eyeliner tricks which can really help you out to get that perfect eyeliner!

1.Make your eye makeup last long lasting by setting your eyeliner with a matching eye shadow.
First, line your eyes with a pencil liner, and then easily dust eye shadow in the same shadow on top to hold the liner in place.
2.Use a pencil liner as a model for tricky liquid liners.
If your hand isn’t constant enough for liquid eyeliner, line your eyes first with a pencil liner, and then trace over it with liquid.
3.Create your own manner eyeliner with a wet liner brush and eye shadow.
The wet brush will blacken the pigments a bit and create a sharp look like a liner.
4.Make your own gel liner by prepare the tip of a kohl liner with a lighter.
Hold the tip of the liner right above the blaze for a few seconds, and then test the pencil on the back of your hand before lining your eyes.
5.Use the corner and curves of a spoon to master the perfect cat-eye shape.
Use the handle of the spoon to draw the angled line and the curve of the embrace to create the shape. Then fill it in to finish the flick.
6.If getting a perfect line is too require draw a rough line first, and then sharpen it with a cotton mop and petroleum jelly.
Sometimes erasing misconception is easier than trying to nail it the first time.

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