Easy and minimal effort hairstyle ideas

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Easy and minimal effort hairstyle ideas

Have not quite nailed it for the party tonight? Time to turn towards some easy and basic effort hairstyle. These are some the best ideas for those who don’t want to put too much mind and sweat into their hairstyle but at the same time they want be a head turner anywhere they go.

So here are some hairstyles to swear by, on the go, especially for those pressed for time

1.Messy bun- The classy messy bun with a hairband imitates a coryphee look. It adds volume in the front along with the accessory and gives a ultimate elegant look without actually working too hard on it!

2.Low ponytail- This can again be decorated with bobby pins. If you want to spruce it up, you can use glitter pins and let the pony tail lie low.

3.Side twist- Add on some side twist by just contort your hair on the sides and pinning them up with a bobby pin and tucking it at the back of your ear.

4.Bouffant- Tease up some volume on the top by collect all the hair over the crown area and pinning it from the bottom during adding volume to the top. Easy to achieve and stays that way for a long time.

5.Centre mini parting- Part the hair two to three inches from the top and then brush the rest back and add volume at the crown.

6.Top-pinned look- This is for a bad hair day when all you can do with your hair is to take some fiber right near the forehead and pin it lightly on the top.

7.Pinning with an accessory- If you have an over-sized flower clip, it is a great way to glam up your look, brush the back area over your ear and attach the clip and you can also crunch up your hair from the bottom with your hand.

8.Bun at the nape- A side parting followed by a small bun at the collar of the neck. Apply hairspray downwards and smooth the hair down.
Plaits- Make thin plaits all over, twist and weav them into a bun. Put some pins to keep them in place.

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