8 Essential Makeup tips for Bridal makeup ( Dulhan ka Makeup )

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Finding a great beauty parlor at the wedding occasionally becomes difficult. If you want to do bridal make-up at home, then these 8 essential makeup tips will be very helpful for you –

1 Most important for making bridal make-up, make the base of makeup. The better the base of make-up, makeup look as beautiful and natural. Many people make mistakes in making the base, which is the most important part of make-up.


2.The most important tips for making a base of makeup is to choose the right shade. Always choose a shade that matches your skin for the base, no more light or more dark. Instead of looking at the face to look for it, look at the face or on the line.


3 Before the beginning of make-up, it is necessary to microscopy the skin. Clean the face and apply the microscisor for this. This will not cause skin dryness and moisture will also cause glow on the face.


4 Now start the makeup with the primer. Apply primer primarily on the whole face. This will make face make-up easy, and the skin will glow as soon as it is visible.



5 Now hide the facial scars by putting a conciler on them. Under the eyes, apply the concealer even between the eyebrows. Doing this will make the face look immaculate and after making makeup, it will look more beautiful.



6 Now is the turn, the foundation’s. Apply such a foundation with the help of brush on the skin, as if you are painting. After this, blend it with the help of oval sponge, until the skin becomes visible naturally.



7 Set the base with the help of brush powder, removing extra foundation with the help of brush. This will bring a natural light on the face and the face will look bright.


8 Now for contouring, blend light shade layers on the chicken, dark in the middle and dark layer in the end. After being bland properly your facial features will be visible. After this you can make eye makeup, lip makeup and hairstyle.

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