3 Steps to Conceal Dark Under-Eye Circles

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Under-eye circle they’re a part of everyone’s life, and whether you have the incidence dark under- eye circles or they’re an everyday incidence, it’s important to learn how to trickery them. That’s why we worked with our makeup experts to learn how to conceal dark circles using clean makeup.

Enlighten Concealer, Foundation Brush
How to Conceal Dark Circles
In general, there are 3 steps to follow when you conceal dark circles:

1.Apply powder foundation to your all face. This will give you a primary layer of mask so you can use less concealer.

2.Use a concealer with a peach or red undertone to color-correct the dark complexion of your circles.

3.Add one another layer of loose powder foundation to set the concealer and blend it to match your skin.

If you want an easy to use concealer to help you cover your dark, under-eye circles, try using Enlighten Concealer.

Conceal Dark Under-Eye Circles the Yashika sehgal Way

Now that you know the basics, watch this tutorial videos to learn how to conceal dark circles with celebrity makeup artist yashika makeovers.

1. First clean, moisturize, and prime your skin. This gives you awesome base to start with when applying your makeup.

2. Apply your shades of Pure Pressed Base or amazing Base to your entire face. Our multi-tasking foundations are double as the concealers, so they provide the first layer of coverage for your dark circles and you’ll be able to use less concealer!

3.Using the Foundation Brush, Apply Enlighten Concealer to your dark under eye circles using short blending strokes.

4.Further blend out the edges using the molding Brush.

5.Use the gather Sponge to press and roll the foundation on top of the concealer. This will help make your concealer long lasting all day.

Finally, set your entire face with a Hydration Spray and start on the rest of your makeup.

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